The Million Dollar Law Degree by Michael Simkovic, Frank McIntyre :: SSRN

OTHERWISE: The Million Dollar Law Degree by Michael Simkovic, Frank McIntyre :: SSRN.

Is law school “worth it?? We all wonder. I spent less for law school at Rutgers-Newark (a state school) than I did for a 1-year masters degree in `polisci ‘ at Boston University. That wasn’t “worth it” – if we count lost income and subtract earnings from a couple of years teaching as an adjunct at Rutgers night school. But I Learned a lot of American history, and social science methods, which informed my work later – especially in editorial writing, political work, and in handling social science evidence in a few appellate cases.
But here two economists compare getting a law degree to stopping at the B.A. [There is a power point and link to the full article at the site above.] Simkovic and McIntyre show that by that measure a law degree IS “worth it”:

The mean annual earnings premium of a law degree is approximately $53,300 in 2012 dollars. The law degree earnings premium is cyclical and recent years are within historic norms.
We estimate the mean pre-tax lifetime value of a law degree as approximately $1,000,000.

Annual Fred C. Zacharias Memorial Prize for Scholarship in Professional Responsibility

The winner of the third annual Fred C. Zacharias Memorial Prize for Scholarship in Professional Responsibility is Rebecca Aviel, for “The Boundary Claim’s Caveat: Lawyers and Confidentiality Exceptionalism.” The Prize will be presented at the Section Lunch of the AALS Section on Professional Responsibility, which will take place on Saturday, January 5, at 12:30 pm, at Palace Cafe on Canal Street.

International Comparisons

By Russell Pearce

We are planning to add a new feature to the next edition of the casebook that will compare U.S. rules and approaches to those internationally.  The will identify these comparisons as “international boxes” and we will have at least two for each chapter.  Prof. Laurel Terry of Penn State University, who is joining the casebook as a co-author, has written these boxes.  Please feel free to use them in your classes and to offer Prof. Terry any comments or suggestions you have that will assist in the writing of the next edition.

Global Perspective Boxes