Brilliant Rap Video Overview of Legal Ethics

By Russ Pearce

The People of Channel 38, a group of American University law grads, have created a top quality rap video which presents an overview of legal ethics.

It’s so brilliant that I would love to use it in class but I worry that some students may be offended.  Instead, I am assigning as optional viewing.

What do you think?  Please let us know.

One thought on “Brilliant Rap Video Overview of Legal Ethics

  1. Wow, the rapping is strong, the production quality is excellent, and the substantive points are well made. And the hook is quite catchy, too (likely to be stuck in my head all day). On balance, though, I do think they went a bit too far with the visual images in the second verse, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable playing it in class, either. Thanks for posting, though (good quality rhymes can be hard to find; when ya find one pass it on, bro, if you don’t mind.)

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