Chapter 7 Videos

Like Russ (see here), I try to regularly incorporate short video clips in class.  I use video to hear from parties involved in cases that we read about, and I also use video to set up additional scenarios for discussion based upon the reading.  Here are two clips I’ve used while teaching Chapter 7, Special Ethical Rules: Prosecutors and Judges.  These both address prosecutors.  Clips for judges to follow soon!

This is a film from Dateline MSNBC about Prosecutor Stephen Bibb, who assisted the defense because he believed that the men he was assigned to prosecute, Olmedo Hildalgo and David Lemus, were innocent.  I don’t show the full film in class–but show a couple of highlights to set up a discussion, and then play the judge’s comments from the bench, applauding Bibb’s decision. For more on the case, see this NYT article.

This is an interview with John Thompson, whose $14 million jury verdict for wrongful conviction (based upon the withholding of exculpatory evidence) was overturned by the US Supreme Court in Connick v. Thompson.

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