Facebook Posts and The Scope of Prosecutorial Ethics

US Attorney John Craft, of the Eastern District of Texas may have run afoul of the scope of prosecutorial ethics rules when making Facebook comments and posts regarding President Barack Obama, and Trayvon Martin. Neither of the comments were a direct violation of Rule 3.8 and Rule 3.6 addressing trial publicity, because they were not made in direct response to a matter Craft, or the Eastern District of Texas were working on. But, Craft may have indirectly violated Rule 3.8(f) as a US Attorney, because of Attorney General Eric Holder’s public statements that the Department of Justice would continue their ongoing investigation of the Trayvon Martin incident after the controversial verdict, and his statements that the Department of Justice’s would also continue to challenge voting rights cases most notably in Texas, in addition to the DOJ’s defense of The Affordable Care Act or “ObamaCare”. This means Craft may have violated prosecutorial ethics by making extrajudicial comments in a public manner that prejudices these pending matters, in violation of both Rules 3.8 and 3.6. For more on this matter read Debra Cassens Weiss’s article on the ABA Journal’s website titled “Assistant US attorney’s derogatory Facebook comments about ‘Dalibama’ and Trayvon Martin are probed.”

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