Video and podcast for teaching confidentiality

This 60 Minutes interview with two attorneys who stayed silent for 26 years while an innocent man–Alton Logan (also interviewed in the piece)–remained in prison sparks great class discussion regarding the duty of confidentiality:  Lawyers Keep 26 Year Secret

I’ve started assigning podcasts as part of the class preparation assignment — this short piece highlights information security issues for lawyers related to client confidentiality, and is a useful supplement to the reading material in our casebook:  ABA Law Practice Management Information Security for Lawyers Podcast

Great video clips for teaching attorney fees and billing

I’m teaching Chapter 3, Finding and Billing Clients, today.  Here are two video clips from the ReInvent Law Channel, each about 5 minutes, that provide insights into the materials.  The first is from Ron Gruner, who offers a client’s perspective on big firm billing:  We’re On a Mission.  The second is from Silvia Hodges, who describes how general counsels are using data analytics to better understand how law firms bill for their time:  Efficiency by the Numbers.

ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education Draft Report

The ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education has released a draft report with proposed reforms to law school pricing, accreditation, and licensing.  The accompanying press release is here.  For more commentary, head over to the Legal Ethics Forum.  This report addresses many of the themes in Chapter 9, and is worth assigning to students in addition to that material or using it to supplement class discussion.