Keeping Law Students Motivated and Connected

These days, law students seem less and less likely to check email on a regular basis.  I try to take this into account in my teaching and limit communications to those which are necessary, but in flipped and asynchronous courses, and even in my traditional and blended courses, communication – and motivation – is key.

A year ago, I discovered Remind.  Remind is a free service that allows me to communicate with my entire class via text, without the students knowing my phone number or me knowing theirs.  And, it allows me to schedule texts in advance, as far out as I want.  Students can choose whether to receive the text via phone or email; I give them the option, but tell them they are accountable for the information.

Remind is terrific; students love it, as do I.  I assure them that I will not abuse the privilege of using Remind, and I keep that promise.  Once the course is over, my last text is: “Grades are turned in!”  I highly recommend Remind (and I am not a paid spokesperson).

Here are three tips from a quick piece I did on using Remind in law schools, and higher ed generally, which may help you get started.  I am happy to answer any questions:

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