Jotwell Review on The Commercialization of Legal Ethics

Earlier this week, Professor Amy Salyzyn published a Jotwell review of my recent essay, The Commercialization of Legal Ethics.  I’m grateful that she read it, and I hope her review encourages you to read it as well.  She says:  “Professor Knake’s essay is important, compelling and timely: a ‘must-read’ for those interested in the future of legal services markets both in the United States and abroad.”

Another excerpt from her review:

Previous scholarship has shown us how legal ethics in America has become “federalized” and “privatized.”1 In a recent essay in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, Renee Newman Knake outlines another modern phenomenon: the “commercialization” of legal ethics. Reading this piece, it becomes clear that the significant complexity now characterizing the regulatory environment for legal services in the United States, with state bars, courts, federal agencies and clients all now playing a role, shows no signs of waning.

The full review is available here.  And here is a link to the essay: Renee Newman Knake, The Commercialization of Legal Ethics, 29 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 715 (2016), available at SSRN.  Casebook adopters–excerpts from this essay will appear in our Third Edition, which will be published spring 2017 in time for fall use.