Music & AV by Chapter

Chapter 1

Brilliant Rap Video Overview of Legal Ethics

Chapter 2

For the allocation of decisionmaking between lawyer and client in Chapter 2, I used a hypothetical riffing off Johnny Cash’s Long Black Veil. E.g., what if the subject of the story had told his lawyer about the alibi and instructed the lawyer not to seek or introduce evidence supporting it?

Part I–1

Part II–2

While Yoo is largely there to promote his book, the interview offers students some insight into Yoo’s perspective on the lawyer’s role in delivering competent advice. It sparked good class discussion when I used it this week.

This ad appears to be an homage to the famous Apple “Great Thinkers” ad. Worth considering for Chapter 2 (nonlawyer practice).

H/T Ivan Torres.

Chapter 3

I’m teaching Chapter 3, Finding and Billing Clients, today. Here are two video clips from the ReInvent Law Channel, each about 5 minutes, that provide insights into the materials. The first is from Ron Gruner, who offers a client’s perspective on big firm billing: We’re On a Mission. The second is from Silvia Hodges, who describes how general counsels are using data analytics to better understand how law firms bill for their time: Efficiency by the Numbers.

Teaching lawyer advertising? You must include this pod-cast, Call NOW!, whether as part of your students’ reading assignment or in class. I’ll be using it as part of a flipped class I’m teaching this fall, where students will listen to short lectures before arriving in class to engage in small group activities and other exercises. Here is the link. And here are some examples of the ads discussed.

Green & Fazio I
Green & Fazio II

Here’s a dramatic, unusual lawyer ad that ran during the 2014 Superbowl in Savannah, Georgia. It’s two minutes long and probably wins the award for lawyer superbowl ads.

H/T Phil Crain. FYI, Bill Hancock of SB Nation describes it as “the most insane (local) Super Bowl ad ever.” And for more on attorney Jamie Casino, the lawyer who made the ad, see Elie Mystal’s Above the Law post.

Here’s a second — and more standard — ad that Joe Patrice of Above the Law absolutely hates.

Teaching attorney advertising? This clip from attorney Stephen L. Snyder is a great conversation-starter. You might show it immediately before or after discussing Matter of Zang, page 201. “Wherever justice and large jury awards are needed, Snyderman won’t be far away!”

Chapter 4

Music for Chapter 4

Thanks to my students for helping me with musical highlights that I play while I am setting up the interactive features for class. Here’s Tina Turner’s take on confidentiality in general and a U. Conn. student singing about Upjohn.

This 60 Minutes interview with two attorneys who stayed silent for 26 years while an innocent man–Alton Logan (also interviewed in the piece)–remained in prison sparks great class discussion regarding the duty of confidentiality: Lawyers Keep 26 Year Secret

I’ve started assigning podcasts as part of the class preparation assignment — this short piece highlights information security issues for lawyers related to client confidentiality, and is a useful supplement to the reading material in our casebook: ABA Law Practice Management Information Security for Lawyers Podcast

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

One of my goals this semester has been to use a 1-2 minute video clip every 10-15 powerpoint pages. Here are three of the videos I used in Chapter 6:

1. For Gentile v. State Bar of Nevada, I showed the trailer from the Duke Law School documentary on the case.

2. For the case holding WIlliam Kunstler in contempt, I shared an excerpt from the documentary on Kunstler, Disturbing the Universe.

3. For the section on financial scandals, I used a short video on the Enron scandal.


Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9



As we begin a new semester, I wanted to remind adopters of the casebook (and anyone who is interested) that the DVD for Revitalizing the Lawyer-Poet: What Lawyers Can Learn from Rock and Roll is available for free. If you would like a copy, please contact Emma Mercer at You can obtain the Teacher’s Guide from SSRN.

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