Sample Syllabus and PowerPoint Slides

By Renee Knake

Here is my syllabus along with PowerPoint slides for the first three classes I’ve taught this semester.  Feel free to use any of my materials that might be helpful in your teaching, though I ask if you publish them in some form, please give credit to the source.  (And keep checking back for more slides; I’ll add them as I move through the casebook this semester.)

Syllabus:  Knake PR Fall 2012

PowerPoint Slides:

Knake PR Class 1FINAL

Knake PR Class 2Final

Knake PR Class 3 Final

Holland Knight to Pay $25 million for Client Misdeeds

By Russell Pearce

Another story for Chapter 6, Part II.  Thomson Reuters reports:

Holland & Knight has agreed to pay $25 million to settle a lawsuit accusing the law firm of missing red flags that would have revealed that its client, the hedge fund manager Arthur Nadel, was operating a Ponzi scheme that duped investors out of $168 million.

Brilliant Rap Video Overview of Legal Ethics

By Russ Pearce

The People of Channel 38, a group of American University law grads, have created a top quality rap video which presents an overview of legal ethics.

It’s so brilliant that I would love to use it in class but I worry that some students may be offended.  Instead, I am assigning as optional viewing.

What do you think?  Please let us know.

Supreme Court Cases on the Legal Profession

By Russell Pearce

I would like to introduce Supreme Court Boxes — a new feature that we plan to incorporate in the second edition.  When a Supreme Court decision is integral to understanding a concept, we of course include excerpts in the book.  But among the Supreme Court’s large number of recent cases on the legal profession there are many other decisions that might be fun for the students to explore.  Accordingly, one of our new contributors, Prof. Renee Newman Knake, has created a feature called Supreme Court boxes, where for each chapter she will provide two very brief descriptions of recent Supreme Court decisions that faculty and students might find of interest, together with relevant links.   I attach her draft Supreme Court boxes for every chapter in the book.  Many thanks Renee!


Welcome to the Contemporary Approach to Professional Responsibility Blog


Welcome! We would like you to join our community as we promote study of, and debate regarding, the professional responsibility of lawyers.  Although our blog will serve as a resource for users of Professional Responsibility:  A Contemporary Approach (3d 2017), the current developments, innovative teaching materials, and commentary should be thought-provoking and fun for all those interested in the legal profession.  Please feel free to share your ideas, and we will post as much as we can.